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We may have cancellations between now and Singtime however.
If you would like to be added to the waiting list,
Send a Note to Cecilia.

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Singtime has been the annual music retreat of Portland FolkMusic Society for nearly forty years.
It will take place this year at the beautiful, peaceful, quiet Menucha Conference Center from March 8-10, 2024.
Whether you like to sing, play, listen, harmonize, relax, see old friends or meet new ones, we think you will have a good time at Singtime.

Guest Artist - Tim Griffin

We are delighted that Tim Griffin will be with us this year. He is an amazing singer songwriter whose songs always have a purpose - to inspire, to educate, or to inform. You may already know Tim's song Lucy on the Line, which tells a true story about helping others about as well as a song can do. Check out his nonprofit Griffin Education Solutions. Tim thinks Music and Education go hand and hand. If you agree, you will enjoy spending time with him

We will get together again at the lovely, quiet, peaceful Menucha Conference Center. It's about as beautiful in the Spring as you can get, overlooking the Columbia Gorge. In addition to the Great Hall, where our big group events occur, there are breakout rooms for workshops and song circles, and lots of paths for walks in the woods. We will eat good food family style together, but please note: If you have special dietary needs, go to and let Menucha's kitchen staff know. You don't need to inform PFS, nor will we be able to help you.

Singing Through The Gorge

Here's something completely different! A few Singtime attendees, and maybe some friends who are not going to Singtime but just enjoy a good bike ride, are going to ride electric bicycles to Menucha on Friday, and back on Sunday.

If you are even thinking this would be fun, then you are probably in good enough shape to join in. This will NOT be a group of speedsters in Spandex. Instead, we're going to take our time, travel at the pace of the slowest person, go on back roads with almost no cars most of the way, stop along the way to eat or drink, and generally just enjoy ourselves. This is Singtime, not the Prix de France.

Check out the poster for more info, and give us a call if you'd like to join in!
Morning Qi Gong

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, you are invited to get together for 45 minutes or an hour of doing some Qi Gong together. You don't need to sign up - just show up.

Qi Gong refers to the practice of slow stylized movements, deep breathing, and calm mental focus. There are many dozens, maybe hundreds, of forms of Qi Gong, of which Tai Chi is probably the best known. Many millions of people, overwhelmingly Chinese, practice it daily.

My sister-in-law Laurie Steese introduced me to The Dragon's Way of Qi Gong years ago, and that's what we'll be doing at Menucha. It consists of a series of ten repeated movements, all very easy, and all with zany names, like "Rocking the Baby Dragon". Nothing is difficult, it's slow and focused, and anyone can do these. I always feel better after I do these - a little more relaxed, focused, limber, and energized. I have old person's aches and stiffness, and this helps a lot.
I am an intermittent practitioner, not an expert and certainly not "a teacher". I'll share what I know. If you want to get an early start, here's a link to a short description of the Dragon's Way; you don't need to read this beforehand, and I can't promise that we'll do it exactly the way the pamphlet describes.

I did this a lot when I was traveling around the world professionally, and I introduced colleagues to it in various countries. Everyone has enjoyed it. It's just the thing after traveling all day over bumpy roads, which I used to do a lot. The picture shows me doing this with some Kenyan friends, and of course some kids came over to join us!

Paul Rippey

Covid Policy

We want you to be safe, and we want to be safe ourselves, and we don't want to ask people to sing through masks all weekend (unless they choose to), so we have established the following policy: 

We require participants to be vaccinated so please provide a copy of your COVID vaccination record (a photo of your card is easiest). Bring it with you, or send a photo to

We also require that you test before coming, and again on Saturday morning. We will have a team to check, and help you test if needed.  You have several testing options:

1. You can have a PCR test done on Thursday if you can ensure the results are ready and available for us to check before Singtime starts on Friday March 8. (Free drive through tests are available at some pharmacies or test centers.)
2. You can do a home rapid COVID test on Friday before you come to Singtime and send or bring us a photo of your result, or bring in the actual test showing the result.
3. You can test when you arrive - if so, please bring your own test kit and be prepared to wait for results before you unpack your car and mingle. 

To keep everyone safe, we will require an additional test on Saturday. We really don't want anyone to get Covid. 

If you feel sick prior to coming to Singtime, please stay home.  If you have any questions you can call Helene Rippey at 206-304-2188.

We will have a few extra test kits, but only a few. Please test yourself with your own test kit, and bring another one for testing on Saturday. We would greatly appreciate extras if you have them. If you have not already availed yourself of the free test kits offered by the US Government, write to ( right away and order yours.

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