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Hi Everyone,

I hope you made it back from Singtime safe, happy and exhausted! I did. Thank you all for your music and energy, and for coming, especially those who came for the first time, and those who came long distances. 

These are some pictures Helene and I took. If you have some favorites that YOU took, please email them to me at... 

...and I'll put them up. I can't remember everyone's names, so if you tell me who's who, that will help. Send the highest resolution you have. Please edit your pictures down to a few of your very favorites before sending.

Very best,

PS. If your picture isn't included, I'm sorry! I hope someone sends me a picture of you. Otherwise, send me a selfie! Even a selfie you take right now!

PPS. If I get many more pictures, I'll probably change from this slide show to some other way of displaying the pictures. It's kinda slow and pokey.
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Guest Artist - Tim Griffin

We are delighted that Tim Griffin will be with us this year. He is an amazing singer songwriter whose songs always have a purpose - to inspire, to educate, or to inform. You may already know Tim's song Lucy on the Line, which tells a true story about helping others about as well as a song can do. Check out his nonprofit Griffin Education Solutions. Tim thinks Music and Education go hand and hand. If you agree, you will enjoy spending time with him

We will get together again at the lovely, quiet, peaceful Menucha Conference Center. It's about as beautiful in the Spring as you can get, overlooking the Columbia Gorge. In addition to the Great Hall, where our big group events occur, there are breakout rooms for workshops and song circles, and lots of paths for walks in the woods. We will eat good food family style together, but please note: If you have special dietary needs, go to and let Menucha's kitchen staff know. You don't need to inform PFS, nor will we be able to help you.
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