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Song Circles - the good old-fashioned kind!

In person, with harmony, hugs and handshakes, and a potluck supper.

Here's a picture of the last time song circle at Corinne and Dick's house, July 9 2022! It was great fun!

July Song Circle at Corinne and Dick's

Saturday, July 29 - gather at 4:00 PM, potluck at 6:00, sing 'til we've sung out

At the home of Corinne McWilliams and Dick Hamlet, 6325 NE Lessard Rd, Camas, WA 98607. PLEASE BRING A CHAIR!  

Questions?  Call 360-834-2148.

Covid Safety

As we all know, the last couple years have not been friendly to in-person events. We LOVE getting together to sing, but no one likes to get sick, and we especially hate it if we think we might have made someone else sick.
Things are looking better now: a lot of us have already had Covid, and while it's no joke, we survived. Most of us are vaccinated - three, four or five times. So we are holding in person song circles again. But please - let's avoid spreading Covid (or flu, colds, or anything else).

First rule: if you are sick, stay home. Additional Covid precautions may differ from event to event, so please read them carefully and respect them rigorously.

Virtual Song Circle Alternative

Whether you can make it to the in person events, there is a virtual alternative every Saturday evening, on Zoom. Find out more here.

Song Circle Guidelines

  • When your turn comes, you may perform a song, lead a song, request someone else sing a song, or pass.
  • Please introduce yourself briefly, even if you think everyone knows you.
  • There is a tradition, though not a strict rule, of picking songs with choruses or easy harmony, or songs that everyone knows, in the first round. 
  • We usually go around two or three times. If it's not obvious, ask the host when the evening is over. 
  • There is never a need to rush through a song but please keep the circle moving along.
  • It's polite to be ready to sing when your turn comes. "Hm. What shall I sing?" is not a good way to begin your turn.
  • Please don't worry about how "good" you are. You are unlikely to be either the "best" or the "worst", and no one cares. Really. It just folks singing songs.
  • People sometimes choose songs out of the "blue book" (Rise Up Singing) or the "red book" (Rise Again). If you use these, let others know what page your selection is on.
  • Don't worry about the term "folk music". Any kind of music sung by folks is welcome.

Future In Person Song Circles

These days, we all want a little more elbow room, so if you happen to have access to a large venue, indoors or outdoors, and could share it with some singers, please let David Ingerson know. It could be your house, but it might also be a church basement, a community center, or - well, let your imagination soar! Thanks!
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