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fAll Song Festival

ALL (100%) of contributions to this fund, "fAll Song Festival", will be distributed to Featured Artists.

If you wish to help PFS cover expenses, please also consider a donation to our "General Support" fund. Indicate "fAll Song Festival" in the comments if you would please.

If you are a BUSINESS SPONSOR, please indicate this in the "Comments" field. For $100, you get a logo on the program, for $500 you also get a 'shout out' at acknowledgments/welcoming remarks, and for $1000 you get a website 'shout out', with a link to your website. (Email logo to "")

PFS Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund

The PFS Endowment Fund was established to create a permanent fund that will generate annual distributions, typically 4%-5% of assets. The annual distributions are to be spent as the Board of Directors at that time decides in accordance with our Mission Statement.

Endowment Fund Reading

- PFS Endowment Policy  View 

- PFS Endowment Fund Announcement - Local Lore (March/April 2021)  View  

- Why Create an Endowment Fund?  - Local Lore (May/June 2021)  View

Endowment Recognition

- Endowment Founders  View

Progress: US$ 6,350.00 received toward our goal of US$ 25,000.00
General Support fund

Supports the operations of PFS - maintaining our registration, song performance rights, website hosting, printing the newsletter, website, and insurance.

Capital Fund

The Capital Fund is used for the purchase and acquisition of major assets for the Portland FolkMusic Society. Our long term goal is to have a location where archives and meetings can be held, and potentially concerts and Song Circles as well.

Singtime Frolics

Makes it financially possible for people to attend Singtime Frolics. Singtime Frolics is our annual singing festival.


Supports the PFS concert series, as it reaches out to better known artists across the country.


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