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Virtual Song Circles

EVERY Saturday night, PFS offers VSCs. Doors open at 6 Pacific, singing starts and 6:30. Come when you like, leave when you like, sing, or just listen. 
Click to find out about VSCs, including our monthly themes on every third Saturday.
If you already know everything you need to know, just click here to join.
Hope to see you there.

Coming up at PFS

Here's a quick summary of four musical treats coming up at PFS. If they tickle your fancy, click through to the links. 

In Person Song Circles

Corinne and Dick hosted a delightful Circle on July 9!
Next one: TBA
Find out about in-person Song Circles!

Virtual Song Circle
Every Saturday Night

Learn about Virtual Song Circles
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PFS Annual On Line music festival
October 21-23 2022

Find out more

New PFS Concert Series
Nine shows
September 2022 through May 2023

Click for details and tickets

Flash: July-August Local Lore

Here's a beautifully-timed issue of Local Lore: just as Covid is getting a little less scary, Local Lore invited a number of musicians to look back over the last two years Covid years and talk about how they managed to keep making music when the world turned upside down. Thanks to MaryAnne Mooreman, Mike Burdette and Lisa Lynne for sharing your personal stories.


Plus lots more: We unveil the 2022-23 PFS Concert Series, and it's pretty much guaranteed that you will find some personal favorites among the performers. Check them out! There's news about the Northwest Autoharp Gathering 2022, and a look at Founder Jay Dickinson and partner Max Dickinson, the luthiers behind new PFS Business member Portland Guitar. This month's Take 5 profiles Darrell Scott, a multi-instrument performer and studio musician. Membership Coordinator Jinx Kuehn gives a recap of the very successful Strawberry Social, held in person after a two year break on June 5. And more.


Thanks as always to Editor Kim McLaughlin and the great team who make this possible. You know who you are, and we know who you are, and we appreciate it! If you are a member, you have the option of a digital copy or a paper copy for free; everyone else can download a copy here.


And finally, don't forget that three + years of Local Lores are available to download on the Resources menu above.

Events Calendar

Please check out our events calendar below. Editor Barry Gorden manages to capture almost all the upcoming folk events, but if yours is missing please let us know. The list below shows the next week's events, and is updated continuously.

If you need more, go to the Events menu above and pull down to Folk Calendar. When you go there, you can sort by performances, classes, virtual, radio - whatever you like - and you'll have all the events from now until... well, you'll find everything we know about. If it's not listed here, it's probably not happening.
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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Since 1976, Portland FolkMusic Society has been active preserving, presenting and promoting folk music and arts in the greater Portland Oregon area. PFS sponsors song circles, concerts, workshops and retreats, and helps its members and the whole community pass the word around about folk music events, from old time ballads to sea shanties, from 60’s protest folk to contemporary singer-songwriters.

PFS is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. 

Portland FolkMusic Society
P.O. Box 1448
Portland, OR 97207-1448
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