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Cecilia A Eng 

Portland, OR

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Portland, OR

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Cecilia Eng Has been a science fiction/fantasy (filk) singer/songwriter since 1984 and has performed in England, Canada and across the US. She was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 2013 for her contributions to the filk community. She has been nominated for a Pegasus Award five times, taking home two Pegasus Awards in 2022. Since her retirement in 2018 she has become active in the Portland Folk Music Society and has joined virtual song circles in both the filk and folk communities during the course of the pandemic, keeping a calendar of filk events and a song lyric blog at the Friends of Filk website at:


She writes original songs as well as parodies (funny and serious) of existing songs and won a 2022 Pegasus as Best Writer/Composer. Her 1985 song, “Helva’s Song” based on Anne McCaffery’s story, “The Ship Who Sang” is still a fan favorite today and won a Pegasus Award in 2022 for Best Classic Filk Song. Since 2019, many of her songs have been written during the annual February Album Writing Month ( and since 2020 the rough demos have been posted on Soundcloud at:


One of her most recent parodies is an uncomfortably serious song (based on Eric Bogle’s “No Man’s Land”) about homelessness called “No Man’s Home”.


You can pull up some of her music on YouTube, SoundCloud, and can also download her 2015 Conflikt 1-hour Guest of Honor concert online for $5 from Gumroad below. She was one of three Featured Guests at the 2021 virtual Tumbleweed Music Festival and can be viewed on their archived video (the second of three 45-minute sets). The Vimeo link is her 10-minute 2020 virtual Tumbleweed appearance, and her 30-minute concert at the 2019 NW Folklife Festival can also be streamed free on the SoundCloud.

Cecilia Eng [Live] 2019 by Northwest Folklife Festival | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Cecilia Eng on Vimeo

2021 Tumbleweed Saturday Concert Video

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