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David Ingerson (David)

Portland Public schools; Performer  substitute teacher; Traditional Irish Singer
Portland, OR

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Portland, OR
Portland Public schools; Performer
substitute teacher; Traditional Irish Singer
2825 SE Ash
Portland, OR 97214

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David has been a musician all his life, singing in church and school choirs since kindergarten and playing in school bands and orchestras. He qualified for NJ All-State band and chorus, majored in clarinet for a year in college, played sax in a jazz band, recorder in a Renaissance ensemble, sang in several operas, and picked up many other instruments along the way. Then he discovered old-style Irish singing. It totally changed his life. Since that time 44 years ago he has visited Ireland 16 times (usually for more than a month each time), has attended dozens of traditional music festivals and hundreds of singing sessions there, studied under or befriended some of Irelands leading traditional singers, and in Covid times has Zoomed into several hundred singing sessions "in" Ireland. He has produced one CD of traditional Irish songs, My Lovely Mountain Home, which is available online or by post.

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