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Fall Song Festival October 21-23 

The Fall Song Festival is Portland FolkMusic Society’s annual on-line worldwide event, taking place this year from 1 PM, Friday October 21, through 5 PM Sunday October 23, 2022 (all times Pacific).

Fall Song is a place to enjoy the best of traditional folk music from many different traditions - there is a list of the events that have been programmed so far below, and we will update that continuously as more leaders step forward.

This year, we are working to bring you a wide breadth of music, with young singer-songwriters you may not be familiar with, but who make great music that will be considered the folk music of tomorrow.


Download the FallSong Schedule


Click to download the most current version of events scheduled for the three days of FallSong. This was updated on Sunday Oct 23, at midnight. Be sure to use the most current version of the schedule to plan your weekend. This version has two events that were just added.


This lists the events, times, rooms, and the people presenting them. This is very close to the final version of the schedule. Of course there might be changes, and when that happens we will post the most current version, which will have the date of posting on it, and we will update the date of posting here.


The schedule is all on one page. The FallSong program contains descriptions of the events and bios and photos of event leaders and is about 20 pages long.

Download the FallSong Program

Click to download the most current version of the FallSong 2022 Program.

This supplements the schedule, and includes descriptions of the events, and bios and photos of the event leaders. The schedule is all on one page. The program contains descriptions of the events and bios and photos of event leaders and is about 20 pages long.

This was updated on Thursday 10/20/22, at 3:30 PM. Please be sure to use the most current version.

If you are an event leader and would like to update or correct your bio, please send an email to Paul Rippey right away.


FallSong is free. Sort of.

We have invited a diverse group of young performers to entertain you - people who are real folk singers, but unlikely to come to FallSong on their own. The money you contribute will be divided evenly among them. Many of them dream of singing for a living and supplement their income by teaching, waiting tables, or doing gig work. We don't want to ask them to do this for nothing, even if some of them would.

We would like everyone who participates to contribute financially. The suggested contribution is $25 for the whole weekend, or $10 a day. Please give what you can. 

Click here to contribute.

Oh! Big thanks to the folks who have already contributed! We're very grateful for the show of support for the young invited singers!



Distant Friends

We've always been in contact with other folk clubs, but since Covid and Zoom, everyone seems to be everywhere. No matter who is hosting online events, you will see a lot of familiar faces. At PFS we are extremely grateful for the technical help, moral support, and enthusiastic participation we have had from our sister clubs.

This year, we are delighted that Seattle Folklore Society and San Francisco Folk Music Club are supporting FallSong, just as PFS will support their events. Thanks guys!


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