(and paying for them)


When you register to attend Singtime Frolics, the registration software will offer choices for accommodation and meals at Menucha Retreat and Conference Center, and payment options. This note will explain your options and help you navigate through the registration process. It may also be helpful to look at Menucha's website . We plan to handle all registrations on-line. Several people can register on one form, but since the forms are used to print a roster, those sharing one form should all have the same physical address and all request the same kind of room.

If you have problems on-line, you have a couple of choices:

If you've been at Singtime in the past, the software can fill in most of the form automatically. (But things change, so please correct the auto-fill where it's wrong.)


Singtime Frolics has a scholarship fund to support people with limited income. If you request a scholarship when you register, you will be directed to the scholarship form. Payment is deferred until the awards are made. The deadline to register and request a scholarship is February 24.

Member discount

Fees are reduced for PFS members, and for members of other folk societies. We maintain the fiction that our societies have reciprocal arrangements, although only the Seattle Song Circle really has one with PFS. You can join PFS or renew your membership to get this discount. Go to the PFS website and click on the “JOIN/RENEW” menu button, or follow this link .


The most important selection on the registration form is the choice of room type: Dormitory, Semi-private, Private, or Special Needs. In the first three, there are a limited number of rooms available, which the Registrar will assign first-come, first-served. If you register early, you are more likely to get your choice. Each room type is described in more detail below.

Wright Hall is the main building, housing the dining room and the Great Hall where everyone comes together. Most of the rooms in Wright are dorms with bunk beds, on the second floor. The public areas in Wright are not used late at night, so it isn't noisy.

All other rooms are located within about a five-minute walk of Wright. Sometimes there are stairs or a moderate uphill climb.

Disability and limited-mobility rooms

Three of the buildings have rooms at no extra charge for people with special needs. In many cases, a limited disability can be accommodated in one of the other room types. The registration form requests information about what accommodations are needed, and the Registrar will call you for any needed clarification.

Dormitory rooms:

Menucha dormitory rooms have bunk beds with good mattresses and ladders. Dormitory rooms hold six or eight people, with a bathroom opening off the room or nearby. In addition to those in Wright, dorm rooms are located in Ballard Hall next door to Wright on the same level.

Lower bunks are always in short supply. If you offer to take an upper, there is a $5 discount.

Bedding and towels are not provided in dormitory rooms, but Menucha can supply them for an extra charge.

Private rooms

Private rooms for two people have two twin beds or a double bed or both. In Crevey Hall, they have private bathrooms; a few scattered in other buildings share a bathroom between two bedrooms. There is a $70/person extra charge for a private room. Bedding is provided. Both people must register on the same form. All the private rooms are a short walk from Wright Hall.

Semi-private rooms

Semi-private rooms have (non-bunk) beds for three or four people, one double and one or two twins. Some semi-private rooms have their own bathroom; some share. Bedding is provided. If requested on the registration form, we will strive to assign a particular group of people to a room together. different physical home addresses should use different forms to register. However, there is no guarantee that strangers will not wind up in the same semi-private room; the registar's job is to utilize the limited space. There is a $40/person extra charge for a semi-private room.


Menucha provides excellent, high quality meals. Special food needs (vegetarian, gluten free, allergy to some particular food) are indicated on the registration form, and there is an extra charge. Each person is treated individually, so in addition to registering, must fill out a Menucha form at their website or telephone 503-695-2243.

Friday dinner is served at 7:00 PM, for \$16. We encourage you to join us. You can only bring snacks to eat at Menucha. There are no food-preparation facilities, but there are refrigerators and coffee stations near all the rooms.


The on-line registration system can accept payment by credit/debit card. If you have a PayPal account you can use it, but you can use a card directly with or without a PayPal account. When you pay on line the registration is complete and you are guaranteed a place of the type you selected at Menucha. When you have completed the on-line form, you can also pay by sending a check (payable to “PFS”) to the Registrar:

Ray Ashmun
Singtime Frolics Registrar
3018 NE 15th Ave
Portland, OR 97212

Your registration is complete and room assignment will be made when the check arrives; the Registrar will send a confirmation.

Scholarships are available. The application is available at the end of registration. If you apply, the scholarship committee will notify you after 24 February, and the balance (if any) is paid by check.

Rates for 2019:

Rental rates for Menucha rose sharply this year. Singtime Frolics is priced to break even, so the registration fees have been gone up accordingly.
The table shows fees for some common registration options.

2019 registration rates for early registration (ends February 24)for one PFS member:

Base rate$160$200$230
With Fri Dinner$176$216$246

Non-member rates are $20 more; Late registration is $20 more.