Song Circles

Remember those nights at camp when you were a kid? Song Circles are kind of like gathering around the campfire and sharing music, but (usually) without the fire. PFS sponsors a couple of different types of song circles - some weekly and some monthly. Every person in the circle has an opportunity to lead, suggest or request at least one song.

Some of the homes where song circles are held are not child-safe. Check with the host to see if it's appropriate to bring small children.

The Second Saturday Song Circle is hosted by a different household each month, from about 7:30 PM to midnight. Potluck dinners (if any) usually begin at 6:00 PM. (But each host sets the times; see below.) Come to sing or to listen.

October 14
6:00 potluck; 7:30 sing

Paul and Helene Rippey
9207 N Mohawk

November 11
6:00 potluck; 7:30 sing

Leo and Bev Kaminski
11625 SW 47th Ave
Portland, 97219

December 9
No potluck; 6:00 -- 11:00 sing

Waverly Heights UCC
3300 SE Woodward
Portland, 97202

Host: Jeanene Pratt

If you want to host a circle or want more information, call Kathleen Ingerson at 503-459-6276. Your house should be big enough for 20-25 people.

To see a list of other song circles, see the Folk Calendar page.

Song Circle Etiquette

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