Minutes PFS Board Meeting

Minutes PFS Board Meeting

Minutes of the PFS board of directors meeting, 23 October, 2014

We met at John Kellermann's house in the evening. John Kellermann, George Neidhart, Delores Day, and David Ingerson were present along with guests Steve Mullinax and Tracy Brown.

We approved the minutes from the last meeting.

Guest Steve Mullinax presented the next steps for the planning of the Strategic Planning process. Part of it was the set of questions to be asked of the general membership, for which he asked feedback. They appeared to be just right to the board members present. He then reviewed the timeline for the process. There was some question about competing with the holiday season for our members' attention and time, and it was suggested that the date of the All-Comers Meeting be pushed back so that the process wouldn't straddle Christmas and New Year's Day. Steve said he would look into it. He then asked for committments from board members to contact potential attendees to the All-Comers Meeting. All present agreed to help with that process. We also reviewed a draft of the email message to be sent along with the questionnaire and found it adequate.

George presented a financial report which included the P&L statement through September and the Balance Sheet.

It was reported by David, Local Lore liaison, that PFS has switched our commercial printing from DocuMart to Hush Ink. Hush Ink is a new company formed by the two DocuMart employees we had worked with successfully for well over a decade. They underbid Documart by a significant amount: $355.60 to $495.00 for 300 copies of 24 pages. We had been paying $672.00.

Membership Committee report: John said that he would figure out how to format the roster and would send out the final email requesting updates on personal accounts and information. Delores volunteered to work on the assembly and mailing of the new roster.

Planning the Volunteer Appreciation Party: Lauren had offered the use of her house for the party on Sunday, 16 November, from 3:30 to 7:30. The board had accepted that offer by email vote. It was proposed that we allocate up to $150 to cover expenses for the party and we all agreed. David volunteered to send email invitations to everyone who had volunteered their time to work for PFS during the past year.

Our next meeting will be held at John Kellermann's house on Wednesday, 19 November at 7:00.

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