Minutes PFS Board Meeting

Minutes PFS Board Meeting

Minutes PFS Board Meeting

Jan 29, 2014

David , Lauren , Delores and George in attendance , John Kellermann guest

Next meeting 4 pm Monday Feb 24, David Ingerson’s house.

Minutes from Dec 11 approved.

-Motion to recommend John Kellerman to the board
*** VOTE David second, all approved, David will add his name to the ballot.

Election of Officers

** VOTE Current officers agreed to continue, elected Lauren to secretary.
Pres David Ingerso
V P Delores Day
Treas George Neidhart
Sec Lauren Sheehan
-Agreed it would be good for Lauren to get minutes out within a week, hopefully, of meetings.

Discussion about new board members

Maybe try to bring prospective members to a meeting before anything is official.
David wants to notify key active members about board vacancies and when board meetings happen

Board Elections

David will move process forward, will check term status and who needs to be on the ballot. Mary Wiley will count ballot returns. David will give cut off date and request for current emails to snail mail.


*** Membership and IT – John taking over for Delores, now liason for membership committee

John will run lists to get lists for email and snail mail rosters. John wants to send paper reminders to lapsed members who need it Dsicussion -
1. seems to be too much money in account from memberships in comparison to number of members recorded. Maybe paper renewals not counted? Has membership declined or increased?
5 bus, 21 life, 206 reg including 63 household memberships are current numbers

AR –John will check membership counts.
AR – time to create new membership roster, more discussion to come.

Discussion – Roster; print or email. Table discussion til next meeting so that we can discuss pros and cons of going electric and how, especially in light of possible Local Lore move to electronic versioin.

Finance Committee

Discussion – does board need budget? DECISION -Yes, we agree and want one. Budget will helps us keep track of money and be used to help us be intentional about our management. We will use the budget is flexible and a guideline, Delores made point that there is no need to make one if we don’t use it

Balance is total of both checking accounts and pay pal numbers.

AR – Delores will learn what is in savings, calling George and Mo. What is ours? What is summer acoustic share? Is there any other money mixed up? She will follow through on restoring a “nest egg” of @$5,ooo and figure out, with George and MO, how to set aside the nest egg and make others’ money, like summer acoustic, plain and visible to us.

$1424.34 total profit from year. Yes,

AR – Lauren and David will connect James Frew with FC


Lauren reports need for reliable constant form to be used for concerts and that CC needs us to interact more if possible and stop changing things.


– Lauren will propose to concert committee that we will use the Oct board decision and figures , through the June concert. Insurance can be ½ of insurance or $72 / month.. If insurance increases in spring, we will need to renegotiate the insurance fee for Sept – Dec. George offers to meet with CC to make alternate proposal.

Singtime Looking good.

Auto Harp
$350 max

$100 rider, will end up being what it actually is.
@ 6 hrs or @100 00 book keeping
$150 insurance

DECISION – yes support the program with fees above, rider will be actual, not necessarily.

Planning and Strategy Steve Mullinax lead and will lead broader movers and shakers through process of helping board understand needs and hopes of the “stakeholder’ of PFS and to create plans for setting and reaching new goals.

AR – Lauren will ask Artichoke about using space, nominal fee.

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