PFS Board Meeting Minutes April 25, 2017

PFS Board Meeting Minutes April 25, 2017

PFS Board Meeting Minutes April 25, 2017

Board Members Present: David Ingerson, Mary Ann Gilpatrick, John Kellermann, Dick Hamlet, Corinne McWilliams, Bill Moore, Brian Warner

David Ingerson called the meeting to order at 7:11 pm.

Last months minutes approved as amended



February and March books not closed yet. Brian presented year-end report. Annual Hosted income up. David said Barry Gorden (calendar editor) gave guitar event contacts to concert committee as publicity contacts. Membership net is up. LL income $10. Brian will take over invoicing from David. CD sales on CD baby discussed.

Singtime Committee

Preliminary report discussed.

Concert Committee

Lost several hundred on last concert due to poor attendance.


No report yet. John will create a report for next meeting estimating memberships by year.

Old Business

Strawberry Social

Scheduled for June 11 at Jody Neubert's. John will print a list of new members since last year for board to call.

Play Day in May progress, publicity

Scheduled for May 13. Rob is organizing and promoting. Fliers were distributed for posting.

Membership survey--volunteer situation

Corinne emailed proposed questions, Brian gave feedback and will work on rewording.

Roster revision

John has not yet run report or contacted Will.

Membership tri-fold

David brought copy for review.

Response to Sandy's proposal

Was not sent. David will send.

New Business

Social media possibilities.

David reported that he'd met someone who is adept at promotion through social media who offered to teach him how to use them.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday May 25 at 7:00 PM at Jody Neubert's house, 3116 NE 58th Ave. Portland, 97213

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