PFS Board Meeting Minutes, September 16, 2015

PFS Board Meeting Minutes, September 16, 2015

PFS Board Meeting Minutes, September 16, 2015

Board Members Present: David Ingerson, Dick Hamlet, Corinne McWilliams, Will Newman II, John Kellermann

David Ingerson called the meeting to order at 6:58 pm

Last meeting's minutes

Approved: 4 yes, one abstention.

Committee reports

Monthly Finance report

Will reported he's having trouble producing financial reports that are clear and useful to the board for making administrative decisions since we're engaged in three different areas of financial activity: Administrative (predictable, controlled), managed programs (Singtime/concerts), and sponsored programs which are financially independent (SAM & Autoharp). He recommends that the board adopt new procedures for financial reporting, budgeting, and general financial management. He will draft a proposal to the board to review.

Concert Committee

Men of Worth made $160 for PFS, did their own sound. No credit card transactions since Mo wasn't there.

Membership and IT

No report.

Old Business

Youth Concert

no report yet.

Strawberry Social

No report yet. John mentioned that he bought too much shortcake.

Singtime Frolics:

No report.

New volunteer coordinator:

Andrea found Volunteer Spot software. David will send email to membership after she sets up site. John will send her list from database of members who've offered to volunteer.

Posting Annual Financial Report online?

Will said last year's report was emailed in January or February, he can re-send to John for posting.

Venue for the Christmas Song Circle:

Corinne arranged with St David of Wales, will be free as part of our annual agreement, 2nd Saturday in December. No alcohol.

Website changes

John will request that registration be transferred to PFS. John will draft list of features we'd like in a new web design, send to Dick and David for review.

Insurance rider for SAM and NWAG.

David got invoice for $55 for both, will split evenly.

New Business

Coming changes for the Concert Committee

Rent at St David of Wales will double from $200 to $50/hour ($350-$400). Sound will be more expensive. Mark will send proposal to board for how to pay for it. Will reports he was unable to purchase advance ticket by phone, suggests will-call list.

The composition of next year's board--elections coming up

David and John will run for new terms.

Volunteer Appreciation party planning

Dick suggests Andrea be involved. David says Lauren offered her house as a possible venue. David will ask her when would work for her. He'll email board.

Singtime fund-raising

David reports Lisa is doing silent auction, Mark Bosnian will do fundraising concert.

40th PFS anniversary planning

Corrine suggests we think of ideas, will ask Meryle for who founding members were, and if she wrote a history.

Centralized list of PFS bills.

David made a preliminary list, suggests we add whatever else we can think of. Will said non-profit State and Federal returns due in May.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, October 21 at 7:00 PM at John's house, 2612 SE Madison, following 5 pm potluck.

Meeting adjourned at 9:03 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by John Kellermann

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