PFS Board Meeting Minutes, April 15, 2015

PFS Board Meeting Minutes, April 15, 2015

PFS Board Meeting Minutes, May 20, 2015

Board Members Present: Will Newman II, David Ingerson, Dick Hamlet, Corinne McWilliams, John Kellermann

Guests Present: Concert committee new Chair, Mark Martin.

David Ingerson called the meeting to order at 7 pm.

Last 2 meeting minutes

March and April approved, 4 yes and 1 abstention.

Minutes process discussed, Will requests they be sent by email within a few days, we agree. John will post to web after approved at next meeting.


Concert Committee:

concerts@ Email goes to Kim McLaughlin. Martin says expenses increasing. David Mongeau quitting, possible to rent or borrow his equipment, provided it's insured, David will check. Otherwise we'd need to buy or rent a system and/or contract with a sound man. Subcommittee studying options. Venue rent likely to increase. Checkbook process discussed. Mark says all members are new. Wants enough members to have co-producers for each show. Needs 2 or 3 thousand dollars seed money in checkbook at start of season. Financial reporting process discussed. Will offered to meet with Mark or committee. Will asked mission of Concert Committe, Mark says promoting folk music by producing shows that introduces audiences to artists.

Financial Report:

Discussed and approved, 4 yes and 1 abstention.

Membership and IT:

Roster is done and delivered. John created page for linking to past board meeting minutes, posted minutes he could find online.

Singtime Frolics:

Dick asked about next year's contract with Menucha. Christine sent contract to Mary Ann. Deposit is due, David will sign contract when received and pay.

Youth concert

Lauren is on tour will report later.

Linda Huddle scholarship donation was paid and we got thank-you note from the fund secretary and verbal thanks from Ira.

Old Business:

Strawberry Social

John contacted Carter for organizer to-do list, met with Jinx and Barry who are hosting this year.

Action: John will send email to membership, will mention meeting board.

Event fiscal sponsorship

SAM: Mark will sign and send.

NWAG: Committee approved contract with "a few minor changes". Corinne will email changes to board for approval.

Strategic Planning progress:

Younger People's Needs group proposal discussed and approved.

Song Circle improvement group: David will contact Steve, John will work with him on web suggestions. Board OK's trying new venues, John, David, Dick and Corinne will meet later to discuss committee proposals for changes to etiquette guidelines.

Pay raise for Mo

David will email draft response: Yes on raise, provided reports to treasurer are timely.

Music Day PDX

Nothing to do unless we're contacted by someone.

New Business:

Will says a non-profit needs a reason to accumulate funds in reserves. David will contact Dave & Mark re NWAG and SAM balances.

Members have requested posting of annual financial report online. David will contact for clarity, Will will provide, John will post.

David mentioned grant possibilities from the Goodman Foundation for web development. David says Steve Greenwood is friends with chair, has encouraged us to apply.

David mentioned Andrea Wild has offered to be volunteer coördinator, wants software, will contact David.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, June 24 at 7:00 PM at John's house, 2612 SE Madison, following 5 pm potluck.

Meeting adjourned at 9:01 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by John Kellermann, Secretary

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