PFS Board Meeting Minutes, April 15, 2015

PFS Board Meeting Minutes, April 15, 2015

PFS Board Meeting Minutes, April 15, 2015

Board Members Present: Will Newman II, David Ingerson, Dick Hamlet, Corinne McWilliams, John Kellermann

Guests Present: none.

David Ingerson called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.

Last meeting minutes were not available.

Action: John will edit and post minutes for approval.


Financial Report:

David mentioned problem with OnPoint and State of Oregon. Will wants to change report to 2 columns: Latest Month & Year-to-Date. Will and David discussed Autoharp finances. Will will contact Mo re: accounting for restricted funds which aren't in savings.

Discussed problem with changing OnPoint signatories, they need documentation. They say they need DBA registration to deposit checks made out to Portland FolkMusic Society.

Moved, seconded, carried to authorize Will to add and delete signers on the account.

Moved, seconded, carried to authorize Mo to work with OnPoint and the State of Oregon to assemble all necessary documentation to update our records with the Credit Union.

Concert Committee:

Moved, seconded, carried to reimburse Concert Committee up to $100 for refreshments for a long-term planning meeting. Board discussed their questions regarding committee checkbook.

Action: David will meet with them to explain.

Membership and IT:

Roster is almost ready (again).

Action: Will will layout as PDF and send for review before Laura sends to printer.

Action: IT committee will meet re website redesign.

Singtime Frolics:

Dick presented report, this year ended $754.82 in the black (not counting insurance).

Local Lore software problem discussed. Dick will follow up with Irja after Barry sends new calendar.

Old Business:

Strategic Planning progress:

Action: David will email reports to board from Song Circle improvement group and Younger People's Needs group to read and discuss at next meeting.

Event fiscal sponsorship

Board approved new open-ended contracts and authorized Corrine to present contacts to groups.

Strawberry Social

Jinx and Barry will host; John will organize. June 7 date set.

Action: John will contact Carter and meet with Jinx and Barry.

Chantey Sing

Steve Levy is organizing the PFS Shanty Sing.

New Business:

Will suggests building a policy manual. Policy decisions are being recorded as such in minutes. Will asked if minutes are archived on the web. They are, but are not yet linked.

Action: John will create page for linking to past board meeting minutes.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, May 20 at 7:00 pm at John's house, 2612 SE Madison, following 5 pm potluck.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by John Kellermann, Secretary

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