PFS Board Meeting Minutes, November 18, 2015

PFS Board Meeting Minutes, November 18, 2015

PFS Board Meeting Minutes, November 18, 2015

Board Members Present: Will Newman II, Dick Hamlet, Corinne McWilliams, John Kellermann

Board Member Absent: David Ingerson

Guests Present: Mark Martin.

Dick Hamlet called the meeting to order at 6:24 pm.

Last month's minutes were approved as distributed.

Concert Committee

Will and Mark discussed current procedures and accounting for income and expenses at concerts.

Mark reported that the Concert Committee was unhappy with the proposal to keep their own checkbook because they thought it meant that they would be required to do all their own accounting. Will explained that the proposal was only to provide a check book for the Committee so that they could write their own checks at concerts and not be dependent on Mo, and that no other change was intended. Mark said that seemed much better and he invited Will to the next Committee meeting to explain and answer any questions. Board had been unaware of this misunderstanding.

Mark will send Will the accounting form that Mike Sands designed. Will will review and perhaps propose changes to clarify/simplify the form.

They discussed taking unpaid reservations. Will reserved two seats for Friday's concert.

Mark mentioned that $100 may be too little for the opening act, especially when they actively promote the concert, and said that he thought that limit was board policy. Board was not aware of such a policy and unanimously approved paying more when appropriate as long as that does not result in a significant loss over the concert season. Board also consented to flexibility in the headliner guarantee.


Will presented the November report in a proposed new format. Board discussed which categories need detail in board report. Will proposes deducting sponsored program balances from the Working Funds line item so that it reflects money we can spend. Dick suggested omitting their account details except for fees they pay PFS.

Singtime Frolics

Dick reported that the committee is gearing up for next year and is on track.

Membership and IT

John reports that many active members have not renewed in the past couple of years and said we should send a renewal reminders to them.

John contacted Kieran about transferring domain registration regardless of whether we seek a new host but has not received a reply. He will try to contact him again. In the meantime, Dick will engage a new web hosting company and begin installing the PFS website on the new host without waiting for domain transfer, as moved, seconded and carried by the board.

Singtime Frolics

Dick reported that the committee is gearing up for next year and is on track.

Youth Concert

John gave a brief history of the Youth Concert. No report yet from Lauren. Dick will contact Lauren for an account of the concert and ask if money made or lost by PFS.

Strawberry Social

John presented a belated and detailed report of the event. He has not yet reported his expenditures to the bookkeeper for reimbursement, so they're not properly accounted for in the financial report.

Old Business:

Event fiscal sponsorship

NWAG (Northwest Autoharp Gathering) corrected David's misunderstanding and said that their accounting included PFS fees.

Web Redesign

Discussion deferred as it is David's project and he was not present.

Volunteer appreciation party

Scheduled for Sunday November 29 at Lauren's house. 1:30 - 5 pm, David emailed invitation.

New Business:

John proposed posting board minutes on the web as soon as approved by email. Board consented.

Corinne's draft board member job description discussed and edited.

At the next meeting, the November financial report will be presented in the new simplified format with changes as discussed at the this meeting. Treasurer will present a 2016 budget proposal and will propose actions for approval to facilitate the new reporting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:17 pm.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, December 17th at 7 PM at John's house, 2612 SE Madison, following 5 pm potluck.

Respectfully Submitted by John Kellermann, Recording Secretary

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